April Short: Mother-of-three arrested for k*****g her infant son so that he could ‘be with Jesus and God’

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA: A Georgia mother-of-three was arrested last week after she reportedly killed her infant son so that he could ‘be with Jesus and God’. April Evalyn Short, 30, the wife of a US Army staff sergeant, was taken into custody on Wednesday, November 15. 

She has since been charged with one count of murder with an aggravating circumstance of the alleged crime occurring during an act of child abuse in the slaying of the little boy whose name has not been disclosed by the authorities for obvious reasons. 

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April Short’s husband received a text that ’caused him concern’

According to Newsweek, on the day of the crime, Short sent her husband a text message at about 8 am that “caused him concern” for the well-being of their youngest child. The messages made references to God telling Short that “the days of darkness are upon us,” and that “we [she and her husband] would be together again.”

The husband was reportedly on duty at the Fort Eisenhower Army Installation, which is about 10 miles west of Augusta, Georgia, when he received the messages and immediately went home. Upon arrival, the husband said Short had barricaded herself in the master bedroom of their home with their three children leading her husband to call the police. The couple’s two elder children are ages 11 and six.

April Short tried to flee the scene

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When the police arrived at 9.05 am, Short left the barricaded room with her two elder children then tried to flee the scene in her car but stopped in the street in front of her house when an officer who was “partially in the car” drew his gun on her.

Short’s husband immediately went back into the master bedroom when he realized their youngest child was not with Short and the children and ‘screamed’. Police followed and found the infant in the bathroom of the master bedroom “wrapped in plastic with apparent wounds and bleeding from the neck.” 

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The victim was transported to the Army Medical Center where, at about 9.34 am, he was tragically declared dead. 

What did April Short’s six-year-old child tell the investigators?

The six-year-old child told investigators that her mother “got two knives” and “was going to help get [the victim] to God and Jesus.” The child said her mother also told her, “don’t come into the bathroom because it might be really scary” before going into the bathroom with the victim and two knives.

When Short came back out, she told the children that she had “cut” the infant so that he “could be with Jesus and God,” per the affidavit. She also allegedly threatened to “cut” the six-year-old “if she didn’t stop crying.”

April Short confessed to k*****g her child

Short also allegedly confessed to k*****g the victim during an interview with investigators.

“During the interview, Short provided details admitting to barricading the door of the master bedroom in the residence, wrapping [the victim] in a shower curtain in the bathtub in the bathroom connected to the master bedroom and attempted to use a knife to cut [the victim’s] neck,” the affidavit states.

“Short stated the first knife did not work because it was dull, so Short used a second knife to cut [the victim’s] neck.” Police said Short later admitted to knowing that her actions were “wrong” and “evil.”

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